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ReVisionary Thinking

How do you get the life you want when things aren’t going the WAY you want? When everything goes sideways, you can change your plans and still reach your goals. Scratch that. You HAVE to change your plans to reach your goals.


Backed by data-driven research, ReVisionary Thinking offers concrete strategies for blazing a new path to achieve your goal when the goalposts move on you. Specific principles covered include:

  • Why your gut instinct fails you in unfamiliar situations—and how to counter it
  • How to create space for more and better choices
  • The benefits of using storytelling to solve problems
  • And much more!

"Courtney Clark offers a practical guide for overcoming challenges of all types. She offers powerful step-by-step strategies that will empower you to thrive in the midst of struggle."

-Amy Morin – New York Times Bestselling Author

The Successful Struggle

Life is filled with moments of challenge and struggle. Companies merge. We get ill. We fight with our families. A raise and promotion mean longer hours and more stress. A new baby brings joy and overwhelming exhaustion. We’re knocked off balance often, and we need to recover quickly. In The Successful Struggle, Courtney Clark explains that not all resilience and coping strategies are created equal. In fact, choosing the wrong approach might keep you from overcoming an obstacle.


Leveraging deep research, Courtney shares left-brain tactics paired with right-brain techniques to help you achieve resilience faster than ever before. When you’re striving to come out on top, The Successful Struggle can help.

Successful Struggle Cover

"As a three-time cancer survivor, I have been a long-time believer in the positive effects of philanthropic actions while on the road to recovery. The Giving Prescription offers a model, based on scientific research and the experiences of trauma survivors, that will help you heal mentally and physically. Whether it’s cancer or another form of trauma that you have experienced, I believe that the information in this book will be incredibly valuable to you."

-Doug Ulman – CEO, Livestrong

image of Courtney Clark's book The Giving Prescription

The Giving Prescription

A compassionate guide to healing from trauma through the power of giving back. If you’ve suffered a loss or trauma—perhaps a life-changing illness, the death of a loved one, or a sexual assault—you probably feel that life as you know it has changed forever. You’re dealing with intense, draining emotions as you try to negotiate a new normal, and you’re wondering if you’ll ever fully rebound.


Courtney Clark has been there, and she shares a fresh approach to the healing journey: one focused on the fact that helping behaviors can help survivors find their footing after a major loss. 


Starting with an acknowledgment that everyone’s healing journey is different, Clark shares eight questions designed to help you reflect on what type of giving works best for you, and when you’ll be ready to try it. And as she draws from her own experiences with cancer and brain surgery as well as other real-life stories, she shows how understanding the power of helping others can transform your journey of recovery.

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