Psychology’s Best Secret for Succeeding Where Others Fail

The biggest lie you’ve been told is that successful people become successful because they know how to “just power on through” when things are challenging. It’s time to stop buying into that falsehood. Studies show that the shortcuts we think hold the key to success are often the very traps that keep us stressed and frustrated. Courtney will help your participants find strategies to move forward and achieve when the difficult path is the only option.


At the end of this session, participants will be able to…

  • Recognize the resilience-draining mistake your brains makes in challenging situations
  • Discover the #1 commonly-misunderstood success strategy that makes you LESS likely to get the outcome you want
  • Apply the Forward formula for making headway on difficult problems


Ideal format: Keynote


This program is excellent for:

  • Annual conferences
  • Corporate events
  • Association events
  • In-house trainings




“Forward” is brand new research and content for 2018!

Please check back for future video!



Danielle Zamora


Courtney was amazing to work with! She took the time to really understand our group’s goals and applied them to her presentation. We can’t wait to hear Courtney speak at another one of our events!