Let resilience expert Courtney Clark speak to your group, and show you that, “it’s about how you deal, not what you’re dealt!”





Winning When Life Doesn’t Go According to Plan

Sometimes Easy Street is closed.  But Courtney has proven techniques to help you deal with life’s detours with humor, resilience, and tenacity.  Courtney helps audiences learn where internal resilience comes from and how to get it, how to let go of “the plan” and find perspective even in the most stressful situations.





Getting Powerful Leverage On Your Biggest Problems

Solving difficult problems requires a new way of looking at solutions. Courtney will teach your audience the Solve-ability System, a multi-step framework for getting the best results in uncontrollable situations. This interactive keynote is a research-based, story-driven session on how to bring success within reach, no matter what. If you need more innovation, more profit, less frustration, and less burnout, then you need Solve-ability. 





The Art of Accelerated ResilienceTM
Adapt Faster and Achieve More

In today’s competitive world, there’s no time to recover from our challenges slowly. Accelerated ResilienceTM is the answer. The research-based, proven strategies from Courtney’s new book, The Successful Struggle, will have you and your employees managing change, chaos, conflict, and life’s other challenges in the fastest, most productive way possible.





Be On Fire, Not Burned Out!
Strategies for Engagement and Enjoyment in a Challenging Environment

Resilient employees can handle on-the-job stress (and the at-home stress that we can’t help but bring to the office!) without burning out. Courtney’s Accelerated ResilienceTM strategies lead to greater employee engagement, reduced turnover, and less stress at the office. Learn research-based tactics for managing change, juggling  to-do lists, and avoiding burnout.




Be Frustration-Proof
Tools to Move from Frustration to Fortitude

Packed with practical tools to have you moving past frustration, this hands-on program includes four ways to shift your focus and get clarity about any struggle.  Participants will learn the four phases of moving from frustration to fortitude, D.U.M.P. the resistance holding them in place, learn to use adaptation to build personal resilience, and shift their focus for well-being and success.





The Prospect is Not The Problem – It’s Your Brain!
Resilience Skills for Salespeople

Every salesperson knows the #1 sales resilience tactic: “it’s not personal.” But there are several other dangerous mental tricks your brain plays on you when you get rejected. Sales teams need quick, effective strategies for handling rejection and stress. Courtney’s innovative Accelerated ResilienceTM research offers solutions for bouncing back, sidestepping stress, and closing the deal.





*Added-Value for Courtney’s Clients*

Breakout Session Presenter Coaching
Have Your Best Conference Breakout Sessions Ever!

Does your conference have breakout sessions presented by industry professionals?  Do those professionals know their stuff, but lack something when it comes to “wow”-ing the audience?  Courtney will train your breakout session presenters, helping them create the best breakouts your attendees have seen.  Includes training in organizing content, captivating a crowd, overcoming fears, and working with visual aids.  Follow-up material will keep them feeling confident leading up to the event.





What Events Is Courtney the Perfect Speaker For?

High-Energy and Inspiring Opening Keynote
Motivational Closing Keynote
Association Conferences
Women’s Conferences and Events
Sales Meetings
Leadership Trainings
Master of Ceremonies


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