• "By far Courtney was the best, most relevant speaker we’ve ever had.  She had us laughing and crying and totally engrossed in her story.  Courtney was truly inspirational.  If I could, I’d have her back every year."

    Joanne Linden, Synopsys


Accelerated Resilience

Adapt Faster and Achieve More

Resilient individuals manage organizational change better, close more sales, enjoy higher employee engagement, deliver better customer service, and provide decreased turnover.

Courtney works with organizations that need teams who can succeed during stress and change without burning out, lashing out, or giving up. As a speaker, she provides content-based motivation that helps individuals adapt faster, achieve more, and develop Accelerated ResilienceTM.

In today’s busy world, you have to bounce back quickly. You need Accelerated ResilienceTM.





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Sydna Marshall

/ Scott, Douglass, & McConnico, L.L.P.

“We’ve all heard presentations and speeches, but they don’t always leave a lasting impression. Courtney has a gift – her presentation was animated, engaging, touching, personal and interactive, not unlike improv comedy. She reached her audience both in content and in her presentation style.”



Courtney’s Most Popular Presentations



Winning When Life Doesn't Go According to Plan

The Art of Accelerated Resilience

Adapt Faster and Achieve More

Be on Fire, Not Burned Out!

Strategies for Engagement and Enjoyment

Be Frustration-Proof

Tools to Move from Frustration to Fortitude



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Melissa Threlkeld

/ Cardinal Health

“The healthcare industry is one that is undergoing a lot of transformation, and as such, requires its leaders to embody resilience to meet the challenges and constant change. If you are looking for a great presentation on leaning on your own resilience during times of uncertainty or change that’s presented by an authentic, enthusiastic and inspiring leader, reach out to Courtney. Your expectations will be exceeded.”

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Jasmine Freeman

/ Office Dynamics

“We booked Courtney to speak at our event and she was more than we expected – in a great way. Working with Courtney was a joy from start to finish. From her thoughtful messages, well-organized systems to her professionalism at our event and her flawless command of the stage during her presentation, we were beyond pleased with the outcome. Courtney is genuine, relatable, offers great energy, has an outstanding message and speaking style and she quickly became a favorite with our audience.”



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Frank B. and Meredith B., via Twitter

/ Universal Orlando Resort

“I love this – “version 2 is better” = great mantra for @UniversalORL sales and marketing teams”

“@Courtney_LClark ‘s resilience breakout session at #YouU2016 is motivational & inspirational. Thx Courtney! #resilience #universalorlando”




About Courtney

Courtney Clark is the luckiest unlucky person in the world. At age 26, Courtney beat melanoma. But five years later, routine follow-up scans found an aneurysm in her brain that was close to hemorrhaging. She is a speaker and the author of two books on resilience – The Giving Prescription, and The Successful Struggle: Powerful Techniques to Achieve Accelerated Resilience.


Today, Courtney speaks to organizations and businesses that want to adapt faster and achieve more by creating a culture of Accelerated ResilienceTM. Her presentations are designed to help you adapt when the stakes are high and life doesn’t go according to plan.


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Courtney’s Books


If you’ve suffered a loss or trauma, you probably feel that life as you know it has changed forever. Courtney Clark has been there. In The Giving Prescription, she shares a fresh approach to the healing journey: one focused on the fact that helping behaviors can help survivors find their footing after a major loss. As she draws from her own experiences, she shows how understanding the power of helping others can transform your journey of recovery.

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Not just resilience tools, but the right resilience tools for the challenges you are facing. Not all coping techniques are created equal. The research-based techniques in The Successful Struggle combine left-brain strategies with right-brain approaches to achieving resilience faster than ever. When change, chaos, or other struggles are in the way of your success, you need proven methods to overcome the barriers in your path. You need accelerated resilience.

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Motivational Speaker Courtney Clark travels from Austin, Texas to provide Accelerated ResilienceTM and inspiration to groups worldwide.